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Instead of emptying my wardrobe onto the bedroom floor, I want to examine every moment of my working life.

Marie Kondo pretty much nailed spaciousness in the home.

Her unique brand of minimalism garners passionate followers. Simple methods balance emotion with utility, inspiration with accessibility. Her folding techniques attained a cult following. And tidying up even gained a new verb – to ‘KonMari’.

Most memorably, Kondo invites us to gather items by category, take each item in turn, and ask:

‘Does this spark joy?’

If it doesn’t spark joy, it doesn’t belong in our home.

I love Kondo’s sharpness of focus. How many business decisions have that kind of clarity? Sparking joy may not be the guiding priority for a company. But what is? What matters most?

Equipping ourselves with this kind of clarity, we can make active – even radical – choices about what serves us and what does not. Allowing us to create space in our daily schedules and throughout our organisations. Freeing-up resources, attention and energy for what matters most.

I’m taking every part of my business in turn. Every initiative, communication, meeting and process. All that’s usually taken for granted. I want to get honest. I’m ready to let go.

I’m relinquishing the status quo and getting real about others’ expectations. Seeing how many behaviours are born of social nicety and my own projections. I’m grieving years of my own unnecessary, misplaced efforts. Saying goodbye to ‘nice to haves’ that lack alignment. Doing a lot less in general.

I wonder what will stay.


*The lovely cartoon image of Marie Kondo is from her 2017 follow-up book: The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story. KonMari retains all copyright – and my gratitude.

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